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Pakistan Social Media Marketing Annual Report 2015


With the end of 2015 upon us, we looked back on the field of social media in Pakistan and were happy to see that it reflected the global trend of being much more than just social. From e-commerce to politics to natural disasters, social networks have played their role in keeping people informed and educated about the events that matter to us.

Pakistan, with its population size and access to internet for the masses, has yet to reach numbers that make us noticeable in the social care and engagement rate. For every 1000 fans for a brand, the average interaction per post is just 4.0 and the average response rate is just 61.

In keeping with previous annual trends, the first five industries positions on Facebook, for the year ending December 2015, go to the telecom, electronics, beverages, retail food and the services industries respectively.

The top five Facebook brands are OLX Pakistan at #1, with Mobilink, Microsoft Lumia, Ufone and Coca-Cola brining up numbers 2 – 5 in the order mentioned.

The top five positions for media on Facebook are taken by, Samaa TV, PTV Sports, ARY News and Express News, again in the order mentioned.

The social devoted category is dominated exclusively by the telecom sector. Zong comes in a #1, with a response rate of 100% in 7 minutes. Ufone is #2 with a response rate of 96% in 12 minutes. Third place is taken by Mobilink with a response rate of 100% in 6 minutes. Telenor Pakistan is fourth with a response rate of 100% in 177 minutes, while Warid rounds up the count at #5, with a response rate of 83% in 139 minutes. The reason for Zong being #1 inspite pf Mobilink having a lesser response time is that Zong was asked 1,516 questions while Mobilink was asked 880.

The top five brands in terms of engagement per 1000 fans is a mixed bag, but again the telecom industry has made it’s presence felt. Easy Paisa has the highest rate, with almost 4 million engagements per 1000 fans. Knorr Pakistan is second with approximately 240,000 engagements per 1000 fans. MobiCash Pakistan is in third position with around 175,000 interactions, and Warid in fourth with 164,000 interactions. Meezan Bank brings up the tail of the list with almost 150,000 interactions per 1000 fans.

The number of fans on Facebook far outnumbers those on Twitter and YouTube. For the top 20 brands, there are 1,866,430 fans on Facebook, while Twitter has just 107,679 fans and YouTube a measly 624 fans. This could, in part, be due to the fact the brands themselves prefer Facebook over the other two networks. For the top 20 brands on Facebook, the average number of posts is 59, while the top 20 Twitter brands have are averaging 42 tweets and there are 0 YouTube uploads.

Facebook’s most popular post in 2015 was Pepsi Pakistan’s Independence Day “Chand Sitara” song, with a total of 770,167 interactions. The second most popular post on Facebook this year was Shan Food’s #KhushianChakhLo video that they released in time for Eid. It got 513,038 interactions. Pizza Hut had the third most popular post with 320,809 interactions. Dettol Warriors had the fourth highest rated post in terms of engagement, while Magnum had the fifth highest rated post with 237,858 interactions.

The telecom sector dominates the top five brands countdown on Twitter.

Mobilink takes first place with 367,437 followers. Warid is second with 308,785 followers, Telenor Pakistan is thirs with 236,759 followers. Ufone and Zong round up the count with 228,622 and 169,283 followers respectively.

Mobilink is also the fastest growing brand on Twitter, with Waird, Telenor, Ufone and Zong coming in second, third, fourth and fifth respectively.

The top five individual profiles on Twitter, in order are: Imran Khan (3,180,902 followers), Wasim Akram (1,876,529 followers),Mubasher Lucman (1,789,438 folowers), Hamid Mir (1,707,715 followers) and Asim Bajwa (1,621,277 followers).

The fastest growing profiles on Twitter, from first to fifth place are Imran Khan, ISPR, Asad Umar, Hamid Mir and PTI respectively.

This was was the round up of social profiles that made the top five lists for Twitter and Facebook for the year 2015. We can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for us!

Social Media Annual Report 2015


Q. Who makes this Infographic?

A. This infographic was made by zeesocial (Pvt) Ltd using data by SocialBakers. zeesocial is a full suite social media agency that specializes in Social Media Analytics to ‘Listen to conversations’, ‘Analyze the interactions’ and ‘Engage with customers’ in order to grow brands and business. zeesocial is a Trusted Pro Partner of Socialbakers in Pakistan and can be contacted at”

Q. Why do you take Engagement Rate based on total interactions, which is a subset of total engagement? Facebook Insights also provides engagement rate, why is that not used?

A. Facebook insights are available to Page Admins. Socialbakers on the other hand provides reports about brands and competition without any requirement of Admin rights. Unique value offered by Socialbakers is that it can provide competitive reports using public facebook API. Hence,it only includes the interactions (likes + comments + shares). Socialbakers engagement rate is as accurate as it can get if you want market / competitive context too… BTW Socialbakers is used by almost 50% of Fortune 500 brands.

Q. I have more questions about my Facebook Page, can you help?

A. As Trusted Pro Partner of Socialbakers in Pakistan, we would be happy to help you with your queries and questions about Social Analytics or conducting audit and competitive study of your organization. Just send an email to

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