Need an expert to pop in for a diagnostic evaluation of the brand? Or need advice for a specific issue? For the first time ever, PAS is offering members a unique Consult 101 that gives you direct access to the best in the business for any advice you need. Consult 101 is a flexible solution to a long standing request from members to bridge the knowledge gap amongst advertisers and marketers. Topnotch practitioners of advertising, research, marketing and media available for diagnostic visits, intensive training and mentoring through our exclusive Leadership Consult 101.

Experts can be brought in to help you on a wide range of topics such as brand key and guidelines, brand communication, research, media & marketing.

Simply contact us and our team will revert with profiles of experts best suited to handle your query. You may choose from the panel and PAS will then arrange for the consult either in person, via skype or any suitable mode of communication that works with your timeline and budget. This offer covers one-off consults as well as long-term engagements. Either way, our access to a local and global database gives us unparalleled reach to resources to work with you towards your betterment.

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