Digital Ad Fraud is a real and a growing threat affecting all brands, and as the spend is growing, the forms of ad fraud are also evolving requiring sophisticated tools to minimize its impact, which is not only financial, but reputational.

PAS and Jack of Digital have teamed up to help Pakistani marketers battle ad fraud by automating the identification and reporting of invalid digital traffic with the help of Spider AF.

What is Spider AF?

Spider Ad Fraud offers a valuable and unique solution for combatting digital ad fraud and increasing the effectiveness of your digital ad campaigns.

It empowers online advertisers to achieve desired ad results and performance by preventing ad fraud before they strike. Advertisers can easily identify and block fraudulent clicks and conversions with Spider Labs’ fraud detection and big data analysis – assuring unskewed data metrics, secured channels, and maximized ad spend to drive real conversions.

Traffic Analyzed By Spider AF




Ad Clicks


Paid Conversions

From Jan 1st to June 30th, 2021

  • Magnify the impact of your ad budget, increase impressions and conversions without additional cost
  • Scale Ad Viewability
  • Increase the number of quality leads
  • Improve accuracy of reporting to advertisers
  • Reduce invalid clicks and invalid conversion rates
  • Ensures that your ads are shown at quality placements, keeping brand safety in mind
  • Available for Web Advertisers, Mobile Advertisers
  • Detection of location, time, keywords, devices, IPs
  • Detection of invalid traffic
  • Daily Update on IP Blacklist
  • Exclude Audience
  • Dashboard Access
  • Measures against Ad Fraud
  • Search Ad Support
  • Display Ads Support
  • Improvement of Ad Performance
  • Invalid Conversion Support
  • Brand Safety Measures
  • Simple Integration

Subscription starts from $300 per month, depending on your online traffic.
PAS members enjoy exclusive privileges. Contact for more details.

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