Modern Media Blueprint

PAS is back with its Morning Muse sessions in Karachi. The session was led by our industry expert, Javed Jafri, Media, Digital, & Data Lead-Unilever for our members and the topic was “Modern Media Blueprint.” The session perfectly encapsulated the importance of understanding your consumers and the ever-evolving media landscape in Pakistan. Javed emphasized the role of media and how to effectively plan for it. The session also focused on how media can be used as a fuel for growth.

Competition law and Deceptive Marketing

PAS held a joint session in collaboration with CCP on the Competition Law, focusing on “Deceptive Marketing” primarily for the Member Companies in Karachi at the National Foods Limited. The session was attended by more than 35 marketers.

Competition Law and PAS role as a Self Regulator

Afsheen Rizavi, represented Pakistan Advertisers Society in a panel discussion held at ICAP Lahore on “Competition Law”. Reflecting on how PAS and its members believes in the Core Pillar of Advocacy, Self-Regulation and Ethical Practices. PAS being a sole flag bearer of ethical and responsible marketing practices, establish and encourage best practices that will benefit our members and the industry in general!

Pakistan Advertisers Society