Do you want to know how to make your working relationships with your agencies more effective?

Research has shown that better working relationships correlate with higher productivity and effective results.

The “PAS Relationship-Tracker powered by Aprais” is a tool that measures and evaluates the performance of the relationships between marketing teams and their agency partners. It enables you to get specific answers and actionable insights to all the issues that may be affecting productivity and team performance.

According to the Aprais global database, regular evaluations (every six months for optimal results) enable top-scoring clients achieve up to 16% better Creative performance, 21% better Media Planning performance, and overall up to 37% more value from their agencies. Analysis of Effie award winners indicates that better client-agency relationships deliver improved advertising quality i.e. P&L value for both organizations. Aprais’ findings have a 99.99% statistical validity.

On the right, you will see a detailed video on how Aprais works and how it demonstrably improves the working relationships between clients & agencies qualitatively and quantitatively.

The “PAS Relationship-Tracker powered by Aprais” is available exclusively for PAS members.

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