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OREO Pakistan #back2schoolwithOreo digital campaign

Oreo, Continental Biscuits Limited’s (CBL) flagship brand, launched a digital marketing campaign called ‘Back2SchoolwithOreo in July, with an aim to increase brand recall by motivating students to prepare for school with the help of an Oreo Kit.

The concept of the campaign is that heading back to school is not always easy, but it can be fun especially when #Oreosgotyourback. The campaign was launched on Oreo Pakistan’s Facebook and Instagram pages asking parents to participate and share preparation stories and pictures of their children as they head back to school, and win a kit of very cool Back2SchoolwithOreo merchandise.

Oreo Back2School kit contains school essentials like a notepad, a bag, a USB, a glass, and a pencil case which indeed highlights the importance of oreo in children’s lives, especially at school.

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