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OOH Media AdEx Report Feb 2015


Analysis by: Winning Solutions

Winning Solutions is one of the leading market research organizations in Pakistan with operations across different cities and a spread of outdoor media tracking in over 60 cities. The Outdoor Media Ad-Ex report is based on a site census done by Winning Solutions in Top 5 cities of Pakistan in 2014 which is updated on monthly basis with Ad-Ex data collection. We cover over 5000 permanent structures and over 4500 pole signs twice a month every month. The market rates are updated and reviewed every month and aligned with average market rates for each road, section, location as well as site.

Outdoor Ad- Ex Highlight Feb 2015:

  • 43% of the total boards remained vacant which was 1% less than last time
  • As we have been observing from last 2 months February was no different and Fashion category lead the market in spent, with an estimate of 158 Million
  • Telecom and Confectionary followed with estimated spent of 98 million and 60 million respectively.
  • With summers approaching and world cup fever high in the air, top 3 clients in February were Mondelez at top followed by Pepsi and Gul-Ahmed with 45, 39 and 38 Million respectively. Mondelez leading the market in spent overall as well in it’s category with 73% spent.
  • Gul-Ahmed and J. were the major spenders in Feb, with 38 and 29 Mill spent.
  • Warid did some aggressive outdoor media campaigns and was second in the OOH spent this month with Telenor at 34 Million and Warid at 22Million
  • Unilever and P&G spent 32 Million and 18 Million respectively.
  • Top 5 Categories Fashion, Telecom, Confectionary, Real State, Mobile Phones
  • Top 5 Manufacturers, Mondelez, Pepsi, Gul Ahmed, Telenor, Continental Biscuits
  • Top 5 brands for February were Dairy Milk, Ideas, J., Surf Excel, Pepsi.

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