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How to Market an Application

When it comes to applications we sometimes dont realize how broad the scope of applications is? Mobile applications started off as basic tools which were already embedded in mobile phones in shape of icons. These icons when tapped or clicked took you over to a unique solution which could have been a game or even a calculator. But now with inception of android and ioS ithe entire paradigm of mobile applications has been changed.
From interactive games to banking services, we now can do anything and everything on application, only if a brand or company has introduced it’s application. It is significant for brands to understand the value which can be dug out from applications.
Few of the basic advantages of having an application are:
– You can stay connected with your customers and audience all the time and retain more of them.
– By having a mobile app, brands can better reach out to customers through push notifications and localization tools.
– The app will provide information about promotional offers, discounts and deals faster than any other means,
keeping your customers informed.
– An app can let your brand boost its name at a global scale.
Having an application is something else but the big question is How to market an application? Following are few ways for marketing an application:

Use Right Influencers at the Right Time:

These days bloggers, websites and social media has become an important tool for communicating your application. Reviews from such influencers increases the download rate and generates trial from consumers end.
Influencers have good number of followers and recognition but it is important that particular inluencer fits in to your category of product, else it wont generate the motivation to download and use the application from customers point of view.
Strong Online Presence:
You can improve your app’s online presence by showing it on your website and incorporating it into your other marketing channels. You can even go so far as to create a dedicated website just for your app. The landing page can include a download link, which will directly lead visitors to the app store listing. In addition, the landing page can cover the benefits of your app.
Keyword Optimization:
App store discoverability is the most important factor you need to consider at the time of your app launch. According to Kissmetrics, an Apptentive report revealed approximately 63 percent of iOS users are looking for apps organically. And, TechCrunch reports a whopping 83 percent of all iOS apps are zombie apps, which are fundamentally invisible in an organic App Store search.
These figures show the importance of keywords, as the main objective is to have visibility once organic search has been made. This can only be done when our applications are up to date as per the trends.
Huge Launch Event & Customer Centered:
It is significant that before an app is launched, hype is created through a strategy which can be done through various channels. Social media is most commonly for creating awareness and hype about an application. Launch events or partnership are another way of creating excitement about your digital product.
Furthermore, as far as customers are concerned it is important for us to get frequent feedback from the people who have downloaded application. Pay attention to small complaints, and provide solutions. Keep these communication channels open in the long run, as it will help you consistently improve your app’s ratings.
No matter what type of business you are running, these tactics can help you better market your apps and make them discover able to your customers.

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