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We all remember the explosion of apps on smartphones, choices were endless and overwhelming. Some passed, but most were used once, forgotten about and deleted, ending up in a black hole never to be seen again. Now, include the futuristic craze that is voice technology into the mix and you are left wondering – how […]

How to Market an Application

When it comes to applications we sometimes dont realize how broad the scope of applications is? Mobile applications started off as basic tools which were already embedded in mobile phones in shape of icons. These icons when tapped or clicked took you over to a unique solution which could have been a game or even […]

Know about Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a concept which is getting famous as people are getting aware everyday. It is a mode of transaction which gained popularity few years back. But for a fact a large chunk of audience is still not aware of this swift tech based mode of transaction. Following post will inform the readers about bitcoin […]

Voice Technology Usage in the US Tops Worldwide Average

Recently e-marketers shared an article about a study which showed US smartphone users are more likely to use voice-enabled technology than those in the rest of the world. A June 2017 study of smartphone owners worldwide from J. Walter Thompson (JWT), The Innovation Group (JWT’s in-house think tank) and Mindshare Futures found that just under […]

Common Misunderstandings About Tech

Given the positive response for 5 Misconceptions About Artificial Intelligence by centric, I decided to share the most common misunderstandings around tech that my team & I are clarifying during the initial client onboarding phase. 1. Incognito That mode on Chrome doesn’t mean anonymous. It just means your browser isn’t actively collecting your data at […]

Programmatic Buying- an Evolving Fast-Paced Landscape

Programmatic buying has become almost standard in digital and it’s gaining traction in TV, Outdoor and even Radio. According to Zenith’s ‘Programmatic Marketing Forecasts’, programmatic will grow faster than any other digital streams including social and online video in 2017. Compared to 31% growth for programmatic, social will be 25% and online video 20%. But […]

The race for creating an alternate reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies have been around for few years now. But till recently, applications and users for these have been limited. But now with Google, Facebook and Apple adopting these technologies, the scale is about to become big. I should add, it’s more AR than VR for now. So, what exactly are […]

My Data Is Bigger Than Yours

Furious over how some marketers just don’t get it, I was trying to reason with this client on why we had to do something about the social obesity of their digital assets. They just couldn’t get over the fact that I called their Facebook page “FAT”. “But our engagement rate is through the roof” he […]

Digital Marketing

Your ‘working media’ may be reducing when you spend on digital; here’s why Digital has its own set of advantages with near real-time reporting, live reactions, addressing user grievances and boosting sales during flash sale events, just to name a few. It is estimated that India will be spending Rs 13,000 crore in 2018 on […]

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