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Global marketers making radical changes to media management

WFA research indicates dramatic change on transparency measures, contracts, viewability standards, internal media knowledge and ad fraud!
New research by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) has discovered that worldwide brands have rolled out real improvements or are wanting to roll out broad improvements to their media administration rehearses over an extensive variety of zones.
In the last 12 months, 35 multinational companies with a total annual marketing spend of more than $30bn globally report wide-ranging actions as they seek to respond to concerns that too many companies have lost control of their media activity.
The study suggests the world’s biggest brand owners are responding to the recent Media Transparency report by WFA member, the USA’s Association of National Advertisers, by taking initiatives designed to take greater control of their media spend and relationships with agency suppliers.
More active management of media issues now involves brand safety, viewability and ad fraud as well as the transparency issues raised by the ANA’s reports from K2 and Ebiquity.
Transparency remained the No 1 need for 47% of those addressed and although 51% say this is ascending the need list, 14% feel this it is de-raising, recommending that some are seeing improvement. Brand security, the No 2 need is climbing the motivation quick, with 70% saying it has raised as an issue over the most recent a year.
On transparency, 65% have improved their internal capabilities via moves such as hiring a head of programmatic. More than 70% have amended their media agency contracts and 58% have included terms that define agency status as agent or principle at law.
On brand safety, 74% have suspended interest in advertisement systems where they felt there was a superfluous hazard to their brands and a further 14% arrangement to do as such. 89% currently limit or plan to limit investment in ad networks that do not allow use of third-party verification.

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