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Common Mistakes that impact the success rate of Email Marketing

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Email Marketing is something which is not generally considered as the best way to market any product. A lot of people loathe it because of getting spammed others don’t know the reason of the poor performance of email marketing. There are various common mistakes which marketers make while using Email marketing approach. Among them, a few are mentioned in the upcoming lines of this article.

  • Vague Subject:

The subject line is the most important part of any email for a recipient. It should be short, concise and eye catching that enables a person clicks over on the email. But while keeping this in mind one should keep the subject relevant to the content and must include keywords. The subject line helps increasing click through rate and improves the performance of emails sent.
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  • Poor Email Database:

Marketers need to dig deep down into the database before any email shot is sent out. We all need to be aware that the right content is going to the right audience which can only be done by looking into the email database. Irrelevant emails may result in increased bounce rates and ultimately unsubscription from the mailing list.

  • Less Catchy Content:

This in particular results in less engagement from recipients point of view and hence lesser time is spent on the emails. Click through rate decreases over a period of time due to which analytics show poor performance of emails. It must be ensured that engagement strategy for email content is made so that emails have some actionable results.

  • Lack of Mobile Optimization:

Mobile phones have brought revolution in the life of a common man. It is a medium which is being used by almost anyone. Mobile is a medium which helps marketers to expand their reach and communicate the right message. Due to the increased number of mobile users and change in consumer behavior it will be a grave mistake if mobility is ignored in email marketing. As a matter of fact lack of mobile friendliness in emails is the most common mistake in the current age which marketers commit. If right content reaches at the right time through the ride medium only then engagement can be optimized and positive ROI can be derived. According to Weblizar

  • Frequency of Emails:

This is something which may result in spamming and hence annoyance. But on the other hand similarly, right amount of email to relevant receiver is very important at this point and time because it gives a kind of refresher to the recipient (like an update of application) and he/she never forgets you. With this practice, the recipient indirectly creates a brand image in the mind and hence creates need out of the emails being received.

  • Random Errors:

Before sending any email to anyone, one must check if backlinks have been properly placed or if the banners format is as per the requirements of the email. If the email is not checked prior to sending it ahead to target audience it will have a very negative impact plus it might result in unsubscription of your emails.

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