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time February 24 2014
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Who stole my ads?!?

Paris artist replaced all the outdoor advertising from selected Parisian streets with the work of classical art.
Often, we are all too acutely aware of the environmental “noise” that billboards screaming at us create: “buy this to be beautiful!”, “buy this to be successful!”, “buy this to be rich!” It turns out that classical art pieces have the exactly opposite effect: they are calming, beautiful, and make the city dwelling experience more elevated. Something for advertisers to think about.
We’ve seen something similar already happening last year in the UK where 22,000 of billboards were overtaken by artworks as part of the “Art Everywhere” project.
The only downside of the ideas like this is that passer-bys are to habituated to screaming commercial images that they stopped to react to the art ones as well.

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