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time May 26 2014
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Home Knowledge Articles Twitter Agrees to Block Blasphemous Content in Pakistan

Twitter Agrees to Block Blasphemous Content in Pakistan


Unlike YouTube and Google, Twitter reportedly agreed to block 5 instances of blasphemous tweets for its users with-in Pakistan, reported New York Times.

Report said that tweets in question – which are no longer available with-in geographical boundaries of Pakistan – were requested for removal from an official of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

This Islamabad based PTA official had approached Twitter with specific tweets and reasons for them to be blocked in the country.

Twitter, while agreeing to the fact that tweets were blasphemous or otherwise unethical in nature, confirmed PTA official that company is willing to block the content with-in Pakistan. These tweets involved blasphemous content, anti-Quran tweets and messages against Islam from anti-Islam bloggers and an American porn star.

PTA confirmed that there were three twitter accounts and a search query that were requested for removal.

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