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Toyota – Winner Case Study

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time February 6 2019
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Brand name Toyota Fortuner
Campaign Title Onwards It Is
Company Indus Motors Company
Agency IAL Saatchi & Saatchi, Creative Chaos, Digitz
Idea Origination Pakistan
Campaign Duration 20th Jan 2017 – 1st Mar 2017
4th Aug 2017 – 15th Aug 2017

Category Background

Pakistan’s automobile industry is dominated by Japanese automakers; Toyota, Suzuki and Honda. It has seen considerable expansion in recent years with overall sales increasing. The category for SUVs has seen considerable growth in the market with Toyota Fortuner, Audi Q2, BMW X1 and Suzuki, Vitara entering the market through official channels. In 2016, category sales were dominated by imported used Toyota Prados which held 70% market

share and were available through unofficial dealerships while Fortuner held 30% market share Prior to the launch of the new generation model, Fortuner had to compete against Toyota Prado, a vehicle that has held a strong equity and legacy amongst Pakistani consumers who have considered it to be an aspirational car, making it one of Pakistanis’ favorite vehicles. During the time of the campaign launch, heavy marketing campaigns were expected from Suzuki for the launch of the next generation Vitara which was not far off.

Strategic/ Communication Challenge

The Pakistani market has a fascination with SUVs which stand as a symbol of status and offer safety power and luxury.

The first generation of Fortuner wasn’t considered suitable as it did not meet the perceived standards of an SUV because it lacked performance, luxury options and advanced specifications.

The shape of first generation Fortuner was seen to resemble closely to Hilux Vigo, a truck that has no association with luxury and catered to a different set of needs and further impacted Fortuner’s persona.

All of the target audience’s complaints were addressed in the current generation model. However, in the industry of premium cars, communicating functional features isn’t enough to alter perceptions. Building an emotional connect was important to get consumers to overlook what the car is and instead to focus on what it stands for with the brand’s image being overhauled to luxurious and aspirational.

The Objectives and The KPI’s against the Objectives

While demand for the category is high, the negative persona that Fortuner acquired with the first generation model had resulted in low sales.

Overhaul Perceptions:

Change perceptions with new model to build equity and drive sales

Order Intake:

Minimum 1000 orders in the period Jan ’17 to Dec ‘17

Test Drive:

500 leads to be acquired in the first 3 months


At least 3% of leads to be converted during the period Jan ’17 to June ‘17

Website Views:

20,000 website views in the first 2 months

Brand Awareness:

Build brand awareness of at least 65% amongst audiences

Target Audience

  • Males
  • Aged 35 to 54 years
  • SEC A, A+
  • Urban
  • Married with 1-2 children

Consumer persona:

Mr. Merit: Educated and career oriented individuals who have worked hard to reach a respectable position in their career and deserve all the success that has come their way. With an exposure to foreign culture, they have a desire to taste the finer things in life.

Big Idea

“You have earned it”. Positioning Fortuner as the reward for hard work performed by ambitious individuals that placed them in their current position of success.

Insight that Led to the Bid Idea

Research was conducted to map out the need sets of potential buyers of Fortuner which revealed a unique insight.

The Pakistani consumer sees a premium car as a symbol of achievement. The buyers of this variant of vehicles are ambitious individuals who are on an ever evolving journey of success. For them, buying a premium car is an important milestone in the journey of success and their purchase decision involves a lot of emotional investment. Currently, most of these consumers were satisfying their needs through premium sedans available in the market but had the potential to be converted to SUVs.

Bringing the big idea to life

The main aim was to highlight the functionality and specs of All-new Toyota Fortuner with a brand positioning of Mr. Merit.

It was an equal balance of functional and emotional connect. The journey of the road depicts the hurdles in Mr. Merit’s way by creating a parallel between the struggles of the road and the struggles in his life which he dealt in similar ways.

The aim was to demonstrate Fortuner as a reward for his hard work and achievements. Hence, taking the idea of ‘Onwards it is’ as a never ending road of success.

Communication Touch Points

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Print
  • Events
  • Cinema
  • Retail
  • Outdoor
  • Interactive/ Digital/ Mobile

Total Media Expenditure

USD 500,000 – 750,000

Other marketing Components

CRM/ Loyalty Programs


Order Intake: (Indus Motor Company Sales Report)

Order intake achieved 249% more than the KPI with 3487 orders.

Test Drive: (Indus Motor Company Sales Report)

KPI for test drive leads were more than 267% than the KPI with over 1835 leads in the first 3 months.

Conversions: (Indus Motor Company Sales Report)

KPI was exceeded with a 8% conversion rate.

Website Views: (Agency Research)

KPIs performed 156% more than the KPI with over 51,283 website views.

Balance Order: (Indus Motor Company Sales Report)

The highest ever vehicle demand 1239 recorded in May 2017

Perceptions: (U&A Report)

Perceptions were overhauled in favor of Fortuner’s persona. Below are some results from a U&A study that was concluded in Jan ’18:

  • 47% of consumers feel that buying a Fortuner would help them rise in status
  • 42% stated that it would help them express themselves and show their taste.
  • 32% of current generation Fortuner owners mentioned that their reason for buying Fortuner was because it represents a sign of their success.

Brand Awareness: (BHT Report)

Fortuner scored the highest in terms of Brand Awareness amongst current and potential consumers of the category at 99%

Factors in the Market Place

There has been an overall increase in automobile sales across all categories due to rising income levels in the country. Amongst these sales, there has been an increased preference for SUVs with the introduction of affordable SUVs in the country.

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