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Jazz – Winner Case Study

Best in BTL Activation – Special Category

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time February 6 2019
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Brand name Jazz
Campaign Title Jazz Rising Stars 2
Company Jazz
Agency IAL Saatchi & Saatchi, Iris Digital, Blitz Advertising (Pvt.) Ltd, Lahore Qalandars
Idea Origination Pakistan
Campaign Duration 25th Aug 2017 – 27th Oct 2017

Category Background

The telecom sector is a very competitive category, where rigorous efforts are taken to build brand loyalty and differentiation in the eyes of the consumers. Jazz is positioned as a launch pad for the talent youth of Pakistan to achieve their goals through its brand ambition ‘success always’. Last year, Jazz had collaborated with Lahore Qalandars to produce Jazz Rising Stars (JRS)- a unique initiative to scout, nurture and groom aspiring cricketers especially at a grass-root level. Through JRS, the brand was able to bring actual change in the lives of its consumers. This had led to international and national acclaim along with copy-cat endeavors from other brands and Pakistan Super League franchises.

Strategic/ Communication Challenge

In its second run, it was imperative for Jazz to not only continue to validate and substantiate its brand ideal through strategic experiential engagement and to differentiate itself from other copy-cat endeavors cluttering the scene.

The Objectives and the KPI’s against the Objectives

  • Bring value or change in the lives of Pakistanis
  • Break its predecessor’s record in engagement with 150,000 participants
  • Strengthen Jazz’s association with cricket.
  • 45,000 new SIMS sale target via registrations

Target Audience

The Jazz universe exists for all talented youth that have the drive and potential to achieve their goals and aspirations but however due to lack of opportunities are unable to attain success. This campaign like its predecessor was to be a platform for 15-23 SEC A-D Males to show the world their capabilities.

The Big Idea

Moving beyond a Punjab-restricted initiative, JRS will extend to a neglected area- AJK to scout and showcase untapped grass-root cricketing talent nationally and internationally.

Insight that Led to the Big Idea

Pakistan, though obsessed with cricket, has not been uniform in providing opportunities to all regions and is restricted to hot spots. Therefore, certain regions such as AJK have been neglected. Jazz that fully believes in the potential of the Pakistani youth, wanted to bridge the gap and enable aspiring cricketers especially from smaller cities and towns. By expanding its scope to Azad Jammu Kashmir, Jazz Rising Stars would be accomplishing another unprecedented achievement.

Bringing the Big Idea to Life

The format of Jazz Rising Stars 2 remained the same as the previous season of scouting, grooming and international exposure of the talent.

This time round, however the scale was much higher as the intention was to beat last year’s record. Additionally, the neglected area of AJK (Mirpur & Muzaffarabad) was added, where it received an overwhelming response by the general public and the government.

The PM of AJK attended the trials and announced a school holiday to encourage the youth to participate in this opportunity of a life-time.

To further local sports activities. Jazz contributed to the beautification of the Muzaffarabad Cricket stadium that was damaged in the 2005 earthquake.

The cricket talent hunt was conducted in 7 Punjab districts and 2 AJK districts in 28 days.

Communication Touch Points

  • TV
  • Branded Content
  • BTL
  • Radio
  • Print
  • Events
  • Retail
  • Interactive/ Digital/ Mobile
  • SMS Broadcast
  • OOH

The Media Expenditure

USD 750,000 – 1.0 m

Other marketing Components



Jazz Rising Star 2 strengthened its claim as being one-of-its kind integrated campaign for a BTL activity.

Despite the blistering summer heat, Jazz Rising Stars superseded its previous world record with 1,60,000 registered participants. The on-ground activation engaged more than a total of 300,000 people and resulted in 45,000 new SIM sales, achieving more than 100% of its engagement & new IM sale targets.

The brand lived up to its promise of bringing positive change in the lives of people as the top 16 players were taken to Australia and the UAE to play in the Sydney Triangular Series and Dubai Emirates Cup respectively.

A 22-year-old fast bowler Salman Irshad consistently bowling at 143kph has been discovered and will be joining the LQ squad for PSL 2018.

Factors in the Market Place that Helped Drive the Results

The success of Pakistan Super League and JRS had given rise to a ray of hope for the revival of international cricket in Pakistan which contributed to the youngsters’ trust in Jazz Rising Stars as they saw this an optimum platform for them to make a mark for themselves and achieve unthinkable success.

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