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Share a Coke campaign gets whooping success…


Launched in June 2014 globally, Coke introduced a 3 month “Share a coke” campaign created by Ogilvy and Mather that had the 378,000 customer coke cans printed with various names on them besides numerous bottle wrappers. The objective behind the campaign was that 50% of the young and adult had not tasted Coke. The creative minds decided to launch a sizzling campaign this summer that would make it impossible for the customers to resist Coke.

Worldwide, millions of bottles were shelved in retail outlets that carried names. The idea was to encourage buyers to look for the bottle with their name on it and buy it. After a 3 month analysis, Coke reveals the result of the campaign:

· 7% increase in consumption by young and adult

· 5% more people worldwide are drinking Coke now

· 4% increase in Coke volume sale

· 870% increase in facebook traffic

· 76,000 virtual cans shared


Part of the campaign included website through which visitors can type their own names on the bottle and share it virtually on social media. Furthermore they can also find out the stores and location where the Coke bottles with their names are being sold, hence encouraging buy-out.




Through “Share a Coke” campaign, there were series of activities including “Share the Music” that encouraged youngsters to post their Coke® selfie with #ShareACoke #SelfieSweeps for a chance to win concert tickets for the summer.

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