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PAS Awards 2014 Jury Chair announced

In a motive to keep the judging process stringent as our trademark and maintain transparency and credibility to the results, PAS Awards 2014 is honoured to have Mr Javed Jabbar as our Jury Chair.
A prominent writer, advertising guru, intellectual and former information minister, Javed Jabbar has diverse interests which include extensive association with virtually all aspects of media and also cover environment, voluntary development work, public policy and international affairs.
From 1969 to 1988 he co-founded and led MNJ Communications, one of Pakistan’s and Asia’s leading advertising and marketing firms. He wrote and directed several trend-setting, award-winning campaigns, including many famous TV commercials and mentored several dozens of young practitioners who have become successful market leaders in their own right. He was elected Chairman of Adasia 89, the 16th Asian Advertising Congress held in Lahore 1989 that was widely acknowledged internationally as a landmark professional event. He is the recipient of the Distinguished Individual Contribution to Advertising Award by the Pakistan Advertising Association and co-founded the Asian Federation of Advertising Associations(1978).
Of his fourteen books published to date, several include sections on advertising, marketing and media. He is Director of the Ardeshir Cowasjee Centre for Writing at IBA, Karachi where he is also Adjunct Visiting Professor.
As a Federal Minister in three Cabinets and as Senator, he drafted new media and information laws, including the PEMRA law which introduced private, independent TV and FM radio to Pakistan. The Supreme Court of Pakistan appointed him to serve as Member of the Media Commission(2013) and as sole Arbitrator in media-related cases. He has founded/co-founded several leading grass-roots public service organizations and research Centers.
He has written and directed Pakistan’s only English-language cinema film ” Beyond the last mountain ” (1976) and written and produced ” Ramchand Pakistani ” ,(2008) directed by his acclaimed daughter Mehreen Jabbar. The film won five international awards and was invited to over fifty film festivals around the world.

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