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Home Knowledge Articles Pakistan Railways offer Advertising opportunity on trains

Pakistan Railways offer Advertising opportunity on trains

Despite the lack of glitz and glamour; Pakistan Railways is determined to attract brands to come on board and use the exterior of the train to market to launch campaigns and sell their brands.
Stations and trains may soon begin to take advertising as announced by the minister Khawaja Saad Rafique recently. Branding opportunities that will be offered include seat covers, internal walls of passenger coaches and even toilets as a pilot project.
Pakistan Railways has taken this initiative to generate revenue to cover the loss it is making right now. It may work out for them, however it is too early to comment how much revenue will the Railway make out of it and whether the leading brands will consider to put their names on the moving trains.
Like bus stop advertisements, all forms of train advertisements – displays – billboards and placards produce substantial commuter views almost seven days a week. Train advertisements are all about impact. Similar to bus ad posters, train advertising posters and dioramas make a big impression in a small space.
Pakistan Railways has not announced the time when they will open the platforms and trains for advertising not have they given any inclination about the tariff of placing an ad.
Many brands may actually grab this opportunity to paint the trains in their brand colours as this will be a new thing in Pakistan.

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