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time July 19 2019
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Home Knowledge News Business leaders participate in Google’s first Women Will Lead workshop in Pakistan

Business leaders participate in Google’s first Women Will Lead workshop in Pakistan

For the first time in Pakistan, Google conducted the Women Will Lead workshop to discuss the progress of young working women in today’s corporate and business environment. This is a training program organized by Google Partners and focused on career development and cultivating female leadership skills within the digital and marketing landscape of the country.

Women Will is a Google initiative to help women globally, with the aim of equipping them with the knowledge and tools to succeed. It addresses the gaps in information and empowerment to help where women are being excluded and focuses on helping women to realize their true worth as professionals and to inspire them to dream.

More and more Pakistani women are becoming an integral part of the corporate world; they are leading big teams and brands and proving their leadership capabilities. The event was about gaining a deeper understanding of gender disparity and how it manifests in the work environment. It also was a means of networking for women in helping them connect with peers, mentors, and sponsors who can support their career.

Many notable and highly accomplished female personalities from the corporate world took part in the panel discussion, the highlight of the event, including Dr. Ayesha Khan, CEO and Country Head, Acumen Pakistan; Ms. Sultana Siddiqui, CEO Hum Network; Ms. Sima Kamil, President & CEO UBL; and Ms. Shazia Syed, CEO Unilever Pakistan. Sarah Liu, Founder & Managing Director of The Dream Collective, flew in from Australia to moderate the event. These women leaders shared their stories of success and challenges and gave career tips to the aspiring women professionals in the audience.

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