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BMW Launches #The1Challenge on TikTok

With 500mn users, and growing each day, TikTok has become the new choice for brands to promote their campaigns. TikTok has been a favorite amongst brands and BMW happens to be one of them.

To promote their latest 1 Series, BMW started the #the1challenge on TikTok. The users are asked to dance in the form of a short film based on a predefined choreography.

“TikTok is another highly dynamic and internationally fast-growing social media channel that we’re using to promote the bMW brand, tapping into a young, digitally savvy target group” -Jörg Poggenpohl, Global Head Of Digital Marketing At BMW.

For the launch of the new serious, BMW is collaborating with 3 influential TikTok users; Sky & Tami, FalcoPunch and PatroX under the hashtag #the1challenge. According to Jörg, the key to success is to meet the specific requirements of each channel and community by offering challenges, choreographies, and music. This campaign is being loved by social media, with more and more users posting their #the1challenge videos on the platform.

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