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time June 28 2019
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Brilliant outdoor ad succeeds in concept

Passage, a new vampire TV series on Fox channel, used an outdoor poster that bursts into flames when in contact with sunlight. Vampires are mythological creatures that are known to appear in the dark to suck human blood and cannot come out in the sunlight or they burn into flames. The posters, protected by glass, used flammable paint that burst when in contact with sunlight. While we think the idea is brilliant, to not only take advertising outside but also use the outside environment, there were only four posters that were placed around and had to be replaced continuously because they have no use once they do combust to flames.

The show cancelled after a month, which is a reminder that no matter how strong advertising is, it can go as far as creating positive hype, but it is indeed the quality of the product that matters the most.

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