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The most overused business words of 2013

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MOVING FORWARD, WE plan to utilise robust social media content, big data, and the cloud to literally provide transparency and seamlessly impact sustainability.
Sound familiar? How many of the year’s most popular business words can you use in a sentence?
The hottest business words of 2013 are in, and they’re overwhelmingly about the Internet. “Content” far and away tops the list, followed by “social media.” “The cloud,” “big data,” and “ping” also made the cut.
We reached out to the Global Language Monitor, which publishes an annual list of the year’s top English words, to compile a ranking of the most popular business terms.
The GLM’s ranking is based on how many times the word was used, analysing billions of pages on the Internet, social media, blogs, and the top 275,000 print and electronic global media sources. To be considered for the list, terms needed at least 25,000 citations across the world.
Here are the year’s most overused business words:
1. Content
2. Social media
3. Sustainability
4. Transparency
5. Literally
6. Guru
7. Utilize/utilise
8. Robust
9. Ping
10. Big data
11. Nouns used as verbs (to concept, to ballpark, to impact)
12. Seamless
13. Moving forward
14. The cloud
15. Offline
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