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Radio Advertising Industry Snapshot – May 2015

A snapshot of the Radio Industry – May 2015. Find out who’s leading the industry with radio campaigns? Who’s getting the best return from radio? RADIO INDUSTRY REPORT gives the overall picture of advertising on RADIO during the month of May 2015. It covers top advertisers, categories, brands and FM Channels and their % share […]

TV Advertising Analysis Monthly Report – June 2015

A JOINT RESEARCH STUDY OF PAS AND MEDIABANK PAKISTAN TV MONTHLY INDUSTRY REPORT gives the overall picture of advertising on TV during the month of June2015. It covers top advertisers, categories and brands and their % share in total advertising in terms of minutes. The report also focuses on share of TV channels, share of […]

Cable TV Advertising Analysis – April 2015

Research Methodology: This research reports minutes of Corporate Commercial Air Time on Cable in-house channels. It does not include advertisers like Real Estate, Beauty Parlours and other similar categories. To monitor a network a single head-end is selected per city. For Example in Lahore DiGi Network is being distributed by 14 head-ends that airs similar […]

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