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Facebook’s success story is almost unprecedented. On the internet, only Google can claim to be better known.

Facebook are open with their official statistics, and as of March 2014 they employ 6,818 people. More impressively, there are 802 million active users daily, whilst an additional 609 million daily active users take to their mobile phones for access. This totals some 1.28 billion monthly active users, with 1.01 mobile monthly active users in total (indicating the shift of users towards mobile phones over computers). Facebook state, “Approximately 81.2% of our daily active users are outside the U.S. and Canada”.

They have been setting records elsewhere in 2014, with remarkable acquisitions of numerous companies. WhatsApp was purchased for $19 billion in March, with Oculus VR following for $2 billion shortly afterwards.

As always, the unsurpassed achievements don’t end there with this company. According to database service Statistic Brain (based on figures before 2014), the average user spends 18 minutes on the service per visit. There are around 54,200,000 pages to navigate, which suggests why some people take so much time. This leads to 640,000,000 minutes spent on Facebook each month from total monthly users reaching 1,310,000,000.

Condensing this into 20 minutes bursts from global users (pre-2014), there were a million links shared, 2 million Friend Requests sent, and 3 million messages composed. Finally, if you’ve ever wondered how many fake accounts are out there, it’s believed to be around the 81 million mark.



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Arguably Twitter’s finest moment of 2014 (and ever) came at the Oscars 2014. Presenter Ellen DeGeneres took a Selfie with a variety of Hollywood stars. The Tweet immediately went viral and was so successful it crashed Twitter’s server. It went live on March 5th and, as of April 25th has, 3, 429, 158 Retweets – an effortless World Record.

It’s no surprise that such clout makes Twitter one of the leading social media formats. According to theirofficial stats, there are 241 million active users, they amass some 500 million Tweets a day. 76% of this total is from mobile users, showing the immediate appeal of Twitter and how it can instantaneously connect users to the world. Facebook, Google+, and others don’t have such immediacy.

Twitter additionally supports over 35 languages, and owns the looping video clip company Vine. This effectively adds an additional 40 million users onto their database. They also dropped in this useful fact, “We also drink 585 gallons of coffee per week.” Don’t work there is you prefer tea.

Statistic Brain (with results prior to 2014) offer a few unique insights from January 2014, such as the number of days it takes to reach 1 billion Tweets – five. Every second there are around 9,100, whilst the “Percent of Twitters who don’t Tweet but watch other people Tweet” is 40%!



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Although some people still keep it at a distance, Google+ is ever growing and has amassed some 540 million active users. It’s believed there are at last a billion enabled accounts, and with a 33% annual growth the service could soon be a truly major contender.

Google are often secretive about such details, but from October 2013‘s statistics it’s clear how rapidly the service is developing. Over six months on from this figure, it has to be presumed G+ has breached the 600 million active users mark.



Some Of The Most Impressive Social Media Statistics... Ever! image LinkedIn 60x60

LinkedIn’s fortunes have boomed enormously recently, thanks to some canny changes to the service. They celebrated reaching 300 million worldwide members in mid-April. They were so thrilled (and rightly so) they made a special infographic to commemorate the occasion.

The site, intriguingly, launched before Facebook and Twitter in May 2003, amassing 4,500 members by the end of that month. The online clout of the professional service is ever growing, and there are now three million companies with a LinkedIn page. The active users managed a total of 5.7 billion professional searches in 2012, which suggests figures will be up dramatically this year. Is now the time to take more advantage of LinkedIn?



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The video streaming service is more popular than ever, despite a controversial change to the comments section.

Unsurprisingly, as they’re a part of Google, YouTube offers some remarkable statistics. The official metricsshow there are 1 billion unique users to the site each month, with over 6 billion hours of video watching going on a month, and 100 hours of video time being uploaded each minute.

80% of this traffic comes from outside of the US. As with most social media, mobile devices are increasingly taking up total usage. With YouTube, it’s 40% of the global watch time.

On a different side, the Content ID element of YouTube (which is based around copyright enforcement) scans 400 years worth of video each day! Major American network broadcasters, movie studios, record labels, governing bodies, and others use the service.



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The home of the Selfie was upstaged by Ellen DeGeneres and Twitter at the Oscars. Instagram, one of the leading photo sharing and social networking sites, has over 150 million active users to its name. It’s particularly renowned for its celebrity users, who take to the service to post pictures.

Instagram has 200 million monthly users, 65% of which are outside of America. To date there have been 20 billion photographs shared, with 1.6 billion daily likes. To top it off, there are around 60 million average photos uploaded each day.



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The increasingly popular Tumblr allows for text, photo, quotes, links, music, and videos in the form of a customizable blog. There are 183.1 million of them to date, with 83.1 billion posts. There are also regular meetups with the service as likeminded people connect. Since the company founded in February 2007 there have been almost 34,000 of these, another indicator of the internet’s ability to unite people.



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A favourite of mine, StumbleUpon offers a world of knowledge through arbitrary clicks of the Stumble button. It’s a great way to meet likeminded people across the world, and information seekers have taken to the format in their millions. As stated on the front of the site, there are 25 Million “Stumblers”, 10.2 millions lists, and 3,000 channels for users to browse through.

The service launched in 2002, and by August 2011 it had reached the 25 billion Stumble mark. As of 2014 there are 300 million Stumbles a month, with 7 hours spent stumbling a month, and a 25% monthly mobile growth should send these figures soaring further. All of this is displayed in an official infographic.


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Not to be forgotten is Pinterest. Their radical, concise, cascading design may have been utilised by all and sundry (Google+ and Facebook rapidly adopted it), but the service still attracts a huge audience.

Pinterest doesn’t release any official statistics on its usership – certainly none I could find. However, Parisian social media research company Semiocast produced a piece in July 2013 indicating the visual discovery, social networking format now had 70 million users. It would appear to be particularly popular in America, where 70% of its traffic comes from. Canada is next up, with the UK, Australia, and Mexico rounding off the top five.



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Although now slightly outdated, the 2012 Internet Statistics article by Statistic Brain makes for alarming reading. That year there were believed to be 1,319,872,109 people on the internet each day, which led to 210 billion daily e-mails. On average, 66 hours a month were spent on a computer.

On a comparative note with other popular entertainment forms, it “took the radio 38 years, the television 13 years, and the World Wide Web 4 years to reach 50 million users.” If anyone needed further proof of the internet’s power and ability to connect people, this statistic is it.

It was also revealed, although it isn’t much of a surprise, 80% of e-mails can be classified as spam. Perhaps less surprising still, 80% of pictures on the internet are of naked women. Presumably, cats make up the remaining 19%, with 1% classed as “miscellaneous”. On a more touching note, 1 out of every 8 married couples in 2010 met online. So, the internet is a very useful tool after all.



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