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Social Media Marketing Monthly Analysis–May 2014

In a short span of time the internet is being used as a marketing tool primarily because of its transparent and measurable traits. According to Pakistan Social Marketing Report May 2014, Facebook is the most popular marketing website with 14 million Pakistani fans, followed by Twitter and YouTube. This provides businesses with a good idea on where their marketing efforts should lie.

Pakistan’s Fashion industry continues this month with the highest number of Facebook fans. The industry is followed by others: Electronics, Beauty, Telecom and the FMCG industry. It seems quite apparent where Pakistani interests lie and helps businesses build on their marketing strategy and areas of focus.

Today, marketing on social media websites like Facebook seems like a good idea and has the advantage of helping to reduce costs by targeting the right audience. OLX (2.3 million fans), Mobilink (2.29 million fans), Nokia (2 million fans), Ufone (1.9 million fans) and Intel (1.8 million Pakistani fans) are the Top 5 Facebook Brands for Pakistani consumers, with aggressive advertising online, complementing their spend offline.

Vim, Supreme Chester Bernard, Shaheen International airline and Mariam’s Bridal Saloon are the Top 5 Facebook Brands in terms of Post Engagement Rate. The newcomer here (MBS) has captured fans with excellent photography of beautiful women and with the promise of quality service.

The top 5 Socially Devoted Facebook Brands have Zong cap the list with a 16 minute response time and the lowest number of unanswered questions. With a 1% different in response rates, Zong is clearly leading with Mobilink close behind with a 30 minute response time. However, all 5 brands are far above the 62% average. Zong’s 16 minute response time is a challenging number for even the best brands to tackle.

The top 2 posts are of Nokia Pakistan. One of the posts is a ‘Share & Win’ contest – 42k interactions for the first and 39k for the second. KFC’s Super Spicy Zinger post comes in third with 34k interactions. The Zinger post may have had a lower number of interactions but it beat Nokia posts with a high 4.01% engagement rate.

We see the importance social media is playing in marketing brands, as more companies turn to online campaigns to promote their offerings. This in turn has also given rise to a number of digital media agencies, with marketers consistently increasing their digital spend. As internet traffic volume increases over the years, more companies will seek to target consumers through online media. Consequently, industry revenue will grow as more businesses seek the expertise of digital advertising agencies to develop marketing materials.



Q. Who makes this Infographic?

A. This infographic was made by zeesocial (Pvt) Ltd using data by SocialBakers. zeesocial is a full suite social media agency that specializes in Social Media Analytics to ‘Listen to conversations’, ‘Analyze the interactions’ and ‘Engage with customers’ in order to grow brands and business. zeesocial is a Trusted Pro Partner of Socialbakers in Pakistan and can be contacted at”

Q. Pakistan has 12.8million MAUs in total, but Fashion Pages have over 15million fans, how is that possible?

A. Facebook user can like more than one page. Facebook does not provide information on unique users. So, when industry accumulated fans are collected, it can be higher. e.g. there are 100 Pakistani Facebook users, 70 like one Fashion Page 1, 35 like Fashion Page 2 and 25 like Fashion page 3 – accumulated fans liking Fashion pages would be 130 ! (more than total number of Fans)

Q. Why do you take Engagement Rate based on total interactions, which is a subset of total engagement? Facebook Insights also provides engagement rate, why is that not used?

A. Facebook insights are available to Page Admins. Socialbakers on the other hand provides reports about brands and competition without any requirement of Admin rights. Unique value offered by Socialbakers is that it can provide competitive reports using public facebook API. Hence,it only includes the interactions (likes + comments + shares). Socialbakers engagement rate is as accurate as it can get if you want market / competitive context too… BTW Socialbakers is used by almost 50% of Fortune 500 brands.

Q. I have more questions about my Facebook Page, can you help?

A. As Trusted Pro Partner of Socialbakers in Pakistan, we would be happy to help you with your queries and questions about Social Analytics or conducting audit and competitive study of your organization. Just send an email to

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