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Rekab – Winner Case Study

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time February 6 2019
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Brand name Rekab
Campaign Title Rekab
Company Namaagahi
Idea Origination Iran
Campaign Duration 1st Mar 2017 – 30th June 2017

The Objectives

Rekab created a three phased campaign that had informative and behavioral objectives. First phase goal was to create awareness about launching the website and its services, second phase goal was to create Interest in target audience about services and the third phase objective was to create desire among the target audience to use the website for dealing cars and every kind of vehicles.

Target Audience

The target audience included young adults aged between 18 to 45 years old with average education, belonged to B, C and D levels of the economic class.

Those who don’t have enough time to look for a car in traditional way. They go to work every day and get exposed to outdoor advertises. They like working with Internet and some of them started to buy some groceries online, some already bought or sold cars online before.

The Big Idea

  • Tie Rekab with pleasure and satisfaction for its users with slogans
  • Get outstanding attention with most creative copy-writing and illustrations in 3 phases

Creative Ideas Used in the Campaign to Address the Objective/s

In first phase, copywriters played with Rekab’s name and create a slogan with teasing and brand awareness purposes in it. “Rekab” has two meanings in Persian; “Stirrups” and “RIDING”. The slogan was “Rekab gives it to you” which means; “you will have pleasure of riding!” & “A vehicle that absorbs no opposite sex attentions”.

To communicate with common people, Rekab applied slang based on target’s usual conversation in car dealing business. With this policy, Rekab became agenda and got famous via words of mouth. In second phase, it wrote slogans in formal way to fix Rekab’s image and position it as a respectable brand in target’s mind; slogans explained Rekab’s features and benefits with minimal designs. In third phase, user’s satisfactions were illustrated after receiving Rekab’s services in comic strips layouts with pop art painting inspired by Lichtenstein’s style. Illustrations were performed for the first time in Iran.

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