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time September 29 2016
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P@SHA announces new leadership and changes in NEST I/O’s managerial structure


P@SHA (Pakistan Software Houses Association) has today announced changes to its leadership for the 2016-2017 time period. These changes include the appointment of new Chairman, Central Executive Committee, President and some other office bearers. In addition to these changes, P@SHA is also introducing some new changes in the legal status of NEST I/O, the business incubator.

Major changes in P@SHA management
According to announcements made during the general meeting of Pakistan software houses association in Karachi, Mr. Naseer A Akhtar (CEO and President of InfoTech) will now hold the office of Chairman at P@SHA for the foreseeable future.

No changes were made to the President’s position as Jehan Ara will continue to bear that burden for 2016/2017. However, she stepped down from her second position of Secretary General at P@SHA and that vacant position will be filled through a complete and thorough hiring process. The appointee will be someone from Islamabad Secretariat.

P@SHA’s Karachi secretariat is also losing its central secretariat status as this status is being moved to Islamabad secretariat. Karachi secretariat will continue working as a regional secretariat.

Changes to NEST I/O
Pakistan Software Houses Association has also announced new changes to the legal structure of their incubation center — NEST I/O. It is now a separate legal entity and Jehan Ara will now serve as a CEO of this new independent NEST I/O incubation center. Although it is still a project of P@ASHA, it will enjoy much more freedom in their managerial decisions.

The decision to separate NEST I/O is a result of a unanimous resolution passed by P@SHA’s central executive committee during its recent general meeting.

It remains to be seen how much, and in what ways, will these changes influence P@ASHA’s working both in and out the association. We will keep a close eye on all major decisions and changes introduced by the new management and let you know of all those developments.

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