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Pakistan Social Media Report – March 2014

The spiraling social media vortex continues to guzzle down more and more users each month. March saw a boost to 13 million Monthly Active Facebook users from Pakistan, with 72% of those male and with the bulk of them between the ages of 18 – 34 years of age. Of the 13 million, 3 million hail from Karachi; Lahore bags second place with 2.6 million users and Islamabad third with 1.9 million users. Peshawar with 500k and Quetta with 200k active facebook enthusiasts, follow suit.
The Fashion industry continues to be in the lead with 16 million fans. This is apparent with the designer lawn frenzy that has set facebook ablaze. Electronics follows with 12.4 million, Telecom with 10.4 million, Beauty with 9.5 million and FMCGS with 9 million users.
The top facebook brand slots are still with Olx and Mobilink but Nokia replaces Ufone (1.9 million) for third with a little over 1.9 million fans. Similarly, Samaa TV and Express News remain in the top slots, with Masala TV moving into third place with 972k fans. With the renewed fervor on cooking special dishes during spring break, family meals have been super popular. Geo Super grabs fourth with 950K fans. No surprises here, as the T-20 World Cup coverage offered the boost. Twitter standings have not changed as drastically for media accounts; Express News and The Express Tribune have the highest number of ever increasing followers.
Interestingly, Shaheen Air International continues with increasing engagement rates (ER). Not only is the airline promoting its new fleet, but is attempting to improve standards and public image as well. Supreme’s admirable Apnapan contest continues in March. ER numbers are good, yet lower in March as the excitement dawdles. Shield Muskarahat’s dental quiz competition brings in good ER numbers too.
Devotion is hard to find, except when it concerns the telecom industry and its many fans. Warid tops the list with a 100% response rate and a 34 minute response time. We thought it couldn’t get any better; but Zong wows us with its 10 minute response time.
Twitter tweets a different story. With the fastest growing profiles dominated by Telecom and Communications – Mobilink (14,456 new followers), Ufone (9,677 new followers), Nokia Pakistan with 8,135 new followers and Warid and Telenor Pakistan tagging along. The top twitter profile belongs to Imran Khan, with 971k followers. Wasim Akram, Hamid Mir, Ali Zafar and Mubasher Lucman follow at a distance.
On LinkedIn, Pakistan ranks 22 from a total of 86 countries with over 2.2 million active users. This provides a glimpse of how the job market is booming and LinkedIn is becoming the preferred site for talent search.
The growing popularity, acceptance and usage of social media in Pakistan have added a new dimension to the competition between brands. No business can now survive without a digital presence that consumers interact with. This highlights the lucrative nature of customer-brand interactions in Pakistan and how much potential there is to grow further.
These analysis were contributed by ZeeSocial Pvt Ltd
zeesocial Infograph March Final 2014
Q. Who makes this Infographic?
A. This infographic was made by zeesocial (Pvt) Ltd using data by SocialBakers. zeesocial is a full suite social media agency that specializes in Social Media Analytics to ‘Listen to conversations’, ‘Analyze the interactions’ and ‘Engage with customers’ in order to grow brands and business. zeesocial is a Trusted Pro Partner of Socialbakers in Pakistan and can be contacted at”
Q. Pakistan has 12.8million MAUs in total, but Fashion Pages have over 15million fans, how is that possible?
A. Facebook user can like more than one page. Facebook does not provide information on unique users. So, when industry accumulated fans are collected, it can be higher. e.g. there are 100 Pakistani Facebook users, 70 like one Fashion Page 1, 35 like Fashion Page 2 and 25 like Fashion page 3 – accumulated fans liking Fashion pages would be 130 ! (more than total number of Fans)
Q. Why do you take Engagement Rate based on total interactions, which is a subset of total engagement? Facebook Insights also provides engagement rate, why is that not used?
A. Facebook insights are available to Page Admins. Socialbakers on the other hand provides reports about brands and competition without any requirement of Admin rights. Unique value offered by Socialbakers is that it can provide competitive reports using public facebook API. Hence,it only includes the interactions (likes + comments + shares). Socialbakers engagement rate is as accurate as it can get if you want market / competitive context too… BTW Socialbakers is used by almost 50% of Fortune 500 brands.
Q. I have more questions about my Facebook Page, can you help?
A. As Trusted Pro Partner of Socialbakers in Pakistan, we would be happy to help you with your queries and questions about Social Analytics or conducting audit and competitive study of your organization. Just send an email to

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