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OOH Media AdEx Report August 2015


The Outdoor media Ad Ex report offers you an in-depth and accurate estimate of spending in the Outdoor media by different advertiser in your category as well the overall market. The outdoor media ad-ex is calculated for the top 5 cities by visiting all the permanent assets as well as pole signs twice a month every month. Value estimates are collected from different major OMAs and average market rates are calculated accordingly.

Outdoor Ad- Ex Highlight August 2015:

  • In August 60% of the total boards were occupied vs 67% in July 2015.
  • Total outdoor spent approximately was 865 Million in August down by 100 million as it was 972 million last time.
  • Fashion category holds the top slot in spent with an estimate of  99 Million vs 176 Million last month.
  • Real Estate took over  2nd spot with the spent of 64 Million followed by Electronic Media.
  • Top 3 brands in ranking are Ariel, GulAhmed and Mountain Dew with the spent of approx 21.6 Million, 19 Million and 17 million respectively.
  • Top Advertiser in August was Telenor followed by P&G and Pepsi Co with the spent of 24.2 Million, 24 million and 23.5 respectively.
  • Gul Ahmed, Alkaram Textiles and Jdot were the top spenders in fashion category in August.
  • Top 5 Categories Fashion, Real Estate, Electronic Media, Telecom, Fast Food, Real estate
  • Top 5 Advertisers, Pepsi, Gul Ahmed, Telenor, Engro Corp
  • Top 5 brands for August were Pepsi, Gul Ahmed, Zong 4G, National Ketchup.
  • Total pole signs value estimated at 31 Million. Top spender on pole signs is Telecom, followed by Educational Institutes and CSD.
  • Pepsi is the top spender on pole signs followed by Q Mobile, CMPak, Samsung and then National Foods in client ranking
  • Top 5 brands on pole signs are Pepsi, Samsung S6, Zong 4G, Green City Real Estate & Omore Kulfa

Complete Report:

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