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McDonald's Turns Tables Into NFC Racetracks for Kids

The Happy Meal is as synonymous with McDonald’s as the Big Mac, but now the international fast food chain is experimenting with what it’s calling the Happy Table. It’s another attempt to lure kids in that uses simple NFC stickers to turn its dining tables into virtual interactive race tracks.
To Promote The creative imagination in kids and keep them entertained, McDonald’s—with the help of DDB Singapore—has reimagined its tables in its restaurants to create the ‘Happy Table’.
The Happy Table is an NFC-enabled table that lets kids play custom games on its surface, by simply tapping the table with a smartphone.
Currently only available at its Yishun, Singapore outlet, the table contains McDonald’s-themed mini games, such as Battleship, burger making, and a car game where kids can move the phone along the table to drive the car.
The fast-food giant plans to roll out these tables throughout Asia soon.
Check out how the Happy Table works in the video below: (Via Mashable)

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