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time September 6 2013
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‘Android KitKat’ Unveiled

JWT launches global campaigns to promote Nestlé-Google partnership
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This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a clever take-off of the breathless tone and linguistic dexterity so beloved by big technology brands but this new work by JWT for KitKat stands out for a couple of reasons.
For a start it’s the result of a partnership between Google and Nestlé which will see the new Android operating system named after the KitKat, and so the campaign to reposition the fingery favourite in the tech-cult-context makes a lot of sense. And while the video is fun, the website is the real star of the show with some lovely scrolling tricks celebrating “the immersive multi-sensory” KitKat experience. Do go right to the bottom to read the most charmingly idiosyncratic small print ever.
For details: KitKat Website
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Android 4.4 ya da kısaca KitKat

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