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Magnum Pleasure Store launched


Amid great fanfare and cheering the celebration of the Magnum Pleasure Store unvield 14th September, 2014. The store will be open to public from Monday 15th September. From DJ HiraTareen spinning club and house music to host Ayesha Omar urging all to indulge in one more Magnum the Party raged nonstop from start to finish late into the night.

One of its kind, 14th in the world and 1st in South Asia, the The Magnum Pleasure Store Karachi is a luxurious chocolate café that allows chocolate lovers to customize their Magnum with unique toppings like sea salt, chilli flakes, and cornflakes and the more traditional almonds, sprinklettes, candy bits, vanilla bits, cranberries, coconut shavings and smarties. You can choose your preferred Magnum type (vanilla or chocolate) select the unique crackling chocolate from (dark and milk) and then customize it with a vast array of toppings for your own personalized Magnum.

Magnum Pleasure Stores have already been a massive hit in the likes of many metropolitan cities all over the world and is expected to be a hit in Karachi as well.

The idea behind this store is to “Make My Magum” – where through easy steps you can create your very own Magnum according to what your favorite flavorings are. It gives you 
room to create up a flavour that you might have thought would work well with the creamy and chocolaty Magnum ice creams that already exist. You select everything from 
the chocolate coating, to an array of toppings and even down to the final drizzle of chocolate on your Magnum.

  "The Magnum Store is our key activation platform and we are making a significant investment to develop a stronger bond with our consumers and our target group. Therefore,
  Magnum is delighted to bring to our Pakistan consumers the best world class chocolate indulgence experience at their doorstep," says Shehryar Khurshid, Director, Ice Cream at
  Unilever Pakistan says;

As per Fareshteh Aslam, Country Head Pakistan for Golin Harris the store will be in Karachi for another 6 months. Positioned as a fun café to hang out, it will offer cheer indulgence to
the customers.

Decor by Anisa & Amina at RAKA (2)      Decor by Anisa & Amina at RAKA (3)

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