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Influencer Marketing for Beginners


As more and more people joined social media platforms (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter), they started creating content and became content creators themselves. While they were curating and creating their digital stories, some of these users were able to establish their own online communities up to the point where they became INFLUENCERS.

This is how social media influencers were born, and rapidly
attracted the attention of marketers

Now companies and brands are using these influencers to promote their products/services in a more organic and trust-affirming manner. If we conduct a research on our current market, we’ll find that the modern consumer is not the same as the old one. Marketing trends are changing, and people need something more relatable and interesting. It is observed that people don’t always listen or believe everything they hear on television or on digital media. However, they seem to put their trust in what others have to say about your brand. Especially if these influencers are from their own societal class.

Influencer marketing helps to create an image of a brand on micro level that helps consumer to connect with your brand.

Now, since we have established the fact that influencer marketing has become an integral part of our current market, it’s necessary to learn how to use influencer marketing right.

Fact: Influencer Marketing in 2019 Predicted to Grow More than Double 2017 Figures (Hub, 2019)

How to use influencer marketing?

Every business has a niche market and there will always be an expert who inspires the perfection of the entire group. Influencer marketing focuses on targeting these key players with strong digital media following for their own benefit. It involves identifying these influencers and turning them into your brand promoters.

Why you should consider influencer marketing as a part of your content marketing plan:

Influencer marketing can help you put the spotlight on your brand. Brands can leverage from influencer marketing to strengthen their overall content marketing strategy by using the followers of influencers who look up to them and convert them into the loyal customer of their brand. When these influencers recommend or mention a product, their fans take inspiration from it and consider using the specified product/service. It can help brands to boost brand awareness and increase their authority.

How to pick Right Influencer?

When we look closely and analyze the success stories of influencer marketing campaigns, we find that these campaigns had one thing in common, that is, brands picked the right influencer.

This is the most important yet simple step to mess up.

When you’re looking for influencers for your campaign, look for someone:

  • In your specified market (Potential Customer)
  • Someone who knows your brand
  • Make sure the influencer’s brand matches with your brand (does this person hold the same values your brand holds? Does he/she believe in your mission?)

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