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Follow your dreams with Nike

Nike’s new ad celebrates women in success, following a little girl who hopes to one day become a famous female soccer player. The ad comes in to promote Nike’s new line of their first kids only football jerseys for girls. The ad features some popular female soccer players and others that are promised to be seen during the tournament. The ad showcases the little girl’s journey as if she was a professional female player, from playing for international matches, to being at press conferences, to taking over to coach an all men team.

The shirts by the team also hold the tagline “Don’t change your dream, change the world.” The ad was energetic, vibrant and in line with the Nike dream ads. The prior ones being ‘Dream Crazy’ and ‘Dream Crazier,’ this one was ‘Dream Further.’ Although, Nike is not the official sponsor for the Worldcup, Adidas is, we still feel that the ad was brilliant and was spoken about all over social media for all the right reasons.

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