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time July 14 2014
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Engro: Be a good citizen

Engro Pakistan has started an aggressive campaign online termed as “Be a good Citizen”. The campaign shows various acts of kindness with tag lines of Kindability, Endurability, Securability, Controlability, Supportability, Effortability etc. and encourages consumers to do little acts that make big difference.


For those who do small acts of kindness and send a pictorial proof to the company, Engro will reward them with a gift hamper as an encouragement.
Submit your photos via Facebook message (inbox) to win a gift hamper. Photo submission is subject to authenticity, forged or plagiarized images will not be shortlisted.

Some SocialMedia posts:

Effective citizens do simple, yet powerful, things’citizen actions’ on a daily basis that keeps the country in harmony. Do you agree? #goodcitizen



Feeding the poor in the holy month of Ramadan is the kindest act one can perform. Do you agree? #goodcitizen


The spirit of unity increases during Ramadan. Be united, and help others in every way possible. How can an individual play a part in promoting harmony and helping others? #goodcitizen


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