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time April 19 2022
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Home Knowledge News Digital marketers in Pakistan can counter online ad fraud and save millions!

Digital marketers in Pakistan can counter online ad fraud and save millions!

Pakistan Advertisers Society (PAS) and Jack of Digital (JoD) have teamed up to help Pakistani marketers battle ad fraud by automating the identification and reporting of invalid digital traffic with the help of Spider AF.

Jack of Digital is the authorised representative of Spider AF in Pakistan, an advanced ad fraud prevention tool that specializes in automation and data visualization. Designed for marketers that are wasting campaign expenditures and experiencing ad fraud on their digital campaigns. Through this easy-to-use tool, the advertisers will now be able to minimize wastage of their digital spend and get a bigger bang for their buck.

Qamar Abbas, Executive Director of PAS said, “Digital Ad Fraud is real and a growing threat affecting all brands, and as the spend is growing, the forms of ad fraud are also evolving requiring sophisticated tools to minimize its impact, which is not only financial, but reputational. Spider Anti-Fraud offers our members a valuable and unique solution for combatting digital ad fraud and increasing the effectiveness of their digital ad campaigns.”

Faisal Sheikh, CEO of Jack of Digital said, “Jack of Digital, with our international partner platforms, strives to assist brands in Pakistan to amplify and improve their digital marketing initiatives. The biggest threat to digital advertisers globally is posed by the growing problem of ad fraud. This is where Spider Anti Fraud makes a difference and will help us help brands transform the digital marketing landscape in Pakistan.”

PAS and Jack of Digital will jointly start a series of webinars in the near future to educate advertisers on ad fraud and invalid traffic, and more importantly on how they can minimise wastage of their ad spend.

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