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Home Knowledge Articles Coronavirus Is Putting Retail to the Test – Case Study of Kayseria

Coronavirus Is Putting Retail to the Test – Case Study of Kayseria

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led to tremendous disruption in many industries, businesses are forced to work under certain restrictions because employees are social distancing and unable to work. However, few companies are using this difficult time to exhibit commendable efforts, to facilitate their customers.

Kayseria is a part of giant retail group Sefam. They are pioneer in Pakistan for chain retailing and branding with expansive retail network in the country. Currently they are operating both online and conventional stores, but due to recent outbreak and rise in corona cases this brand is managing most of their orders online.

Online Shopper Penetration Increases During the Pandemic:

Faced with lockdown regimes and time restrictions, consumers have turned to online and mobile shopping. A recent survey cited in the report revealed that a double-digit share of online shoppers was buying more digitally due to COVID-19, and some of them adopted the practice for the first time during the outbreak. The share of global retail sales generated via E-Commerce is rising, as a result, projected to reach one-third by 2024.

Eid ul Fitr was the high time for retail brand, as shoppers were focused on online shopping due to fear of corona but now, shoppers are getting used to the contactless shopping experience. Even with shops being opened, shoppers are into online shopping.

How Kayseria is managing inventory:

For Kayseria, the safety of their employees and customer is very important. They are following WHO approved SOPs, limited staff is allowed in warehouse to ensure social distancing. Thermal guns are being used to check the temperature of employees; pictorial posters have been placed everywhere to reinforce basic precautionary measures. Inventory is stored in sterilized area and staff is wearing mask face and gloves while preparing the shipment.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR):

Kayseria is actively working on different campaigns to help its community. From Instagram live with doctors, yoga instructors to nutritionist they have engaged experts of every fields to facilitate the followers.

Session with Yoga Instructor:

Learn exercises and tips from yoga specialist Tanya Khan

Session with Clinical Psychologist:

Managing Stress and Anxiety during COVID’19

Upcoming Initiatives:

As more and more people are covering their faces in public with surgical masks, it has become difficult to read facial expressions and see if people smiling or not. Kayseria aims to provide a chance to find a semblance of normality in this situation. Their upcoming project is printed cloth masks that complements your attire and its reusable.


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