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Ad- Review- Campaign which Beats by your Heart!

Recently Lipton Pakistan came up with a new campaign in which they have partnered with The Citizens Foundation to provide free education to students from 10 Schools all across.
Pakistan, a country where child labour is common and we in our daily lives observe children who should be studying in schools, reading books & playing in the fields are instead working at small local cafe’s, mechanic shops or at any other place due to poverty, lack of awareness or any other reason, the situation has reached an alarming point which needs to be addressed.

Ad- Review- Campaign Which Beats By Your Heart!

Lipton targeting the same problem has started off with a campaign in which they will provide free education to children in 10 schools of TCF across Pakistan. This effort can be made successful with the help of consumers and customers just by giving a missed call at a particular number mentioned at the end of the advertisement.

Emotional & slice of life appeal are the two major appeals used in the advertisement to attract & engage with the audience, as we see a kid serving customers and cleaning the dishes at a local dhaba while being lost in his imagination & observing the children of his age group going to school at the same time. The scene then turns to a young guy who is having morning tea and getting inspired with it as the song says “Will someone rise for me, will someone come forward to help me” These are the lines after which he gets motivated and comes forward to help the child who is working in dhaba.

At the end of the TVC voiceover communicates that 40% of children in Pakistan aren’t going to schools while putting forward a solution or action as to how can we all contribute to this effort of Lipton by educating children in collaborating with TCF.
If you want to change the life of a Chotu give a missed call to 0301-LIPTON-0(0301 5478660) or log onto

Overall the big idea & story seems good while being different from what the counterparts are doing at the moment. Lipton aligning with TCF which itself has good brand image among customers complement each other. Towards the area of improvement, I personally think that background music and vocals could have added more connection with the theme and scenario of the advert.
To conclude, the advertisement is eye-catching, unique in its own way & it does give us something to think about due to the emotional appeal which successfully works for us, Pakistanis. Raising the bar & standards is an ever-evolving process. Trying new things and standing by the canons if ideas can only bring continuous improvement to the industry and this is something which shouldn’t be discouraged at any level of marketing brands!

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