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Home Knowledge News Byco breaks ground on Upgrade-I Project to produce Euro V fuels

Byco breaks ground on Upgrade-I Project to produce Euro V fuels

Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited, Pakistan’s only vertically integrated Petroleum Company, has broken ground on its Upgrade-I Project, which will enable the company to be the first Pakistani oil refiner to produce Euro V compliant gasoline and diesel.

The ceremony took place at Byco’s Refining Complex located at Mouza Kund, Hub, Balochistan. The Upgrade-I Project includes the installation of Pakistan’s largest Diesel Hydro-Desulphurization (DHDS) unit, as well as the country’s first Fluidized Catalytic Cracking (FCC) unit. The Chairman of Byco’s Board of Directors, Mr. Mohammad Wasi Khan, said at the ceremony: “These major upgrades to our refining complex will enable Byco to produce Euro-V compliant diesel and gasoline in Pakistan as per the government’s directive. The upgrade will enable Byco to reduce production of low value Furnace Oil and enhance our products’ quality, making them better for the environment as well as more valuable for our business and thereby will boost Byco’s profitability.”

Byco is the first refinery in Pakistan to announce plans of upgrading its facilities to ensure environmental compliance and sustainable profitability. The Company has made a name for itself through its innovative projects including establishing Pakistan’s first Single Point Mooring, a floating liquid port in the deep sea for crude oil shipments.

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