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April Fools' 2014: The best in brand pranks

The internet is awash with hoaxes at the hands of brand marketers looking to get in on the fun. Here’s a roundup of how brands were trying to pull the wool over our eyes in honour of April Fools’ Day.
• Dominos U.K.
The world’s first edible pizza box. Also, ewww.
• PizzaHut Pakistan
Get ready for the next big thing in taste!
The first 100 orders are free! Pre-order at now!
• Tropicana
It’s a day for lots of fake new food flavors and varieties. Like Tropicana’s All Pulp.
• Tic Tac
For those that were annoyed by the rattling of Tic Tac mints against the plastic, Tic Tacs has launched “Tic Tac® Shakeless,” so that no one will know you’re eating the entire pack by yourself.
• Lego
The toy brand is delivering its new Ninja Turtles set via live turtles.
• Smart Glove Love
Somehow Samsung, HTC and Toshiba all turned up this morning with a single idea: a smart glove. HTC calls its the Gluuv, while Samsung went with Samsung Fingers (in Canada, it also joked it was adding a rotary phone to its Galaxy lineup) and Toshiba branded its the Toshiba Digit. Toshiba’s best feature? Hold hands to change status to “in a relationship.” HTC’s: charging your boom box (k, lol) by carrying it with the Gluuv. And Samsung Fingers? The classic “Pull My Finger” Flatulence Auditory Reproduction.
• Chili’s
The restaurant chain has put everything you love about Chili’s in an ice cream. Try Nacho Queso Crunch, Baby Back Chunk and Buffalo Brownie Sundae. Because there’s a pregnant lady somewhere.
• Twitter
The Twitter helmet will allow you to tweet with a simple pecking head motion. What, we don’t even get an illustration of this?
• Tumblr
Tumblr has launched Tumblr pro, a new service that puts top hats on everything.
• Google
Linked off the Google homepage this morning is the Auto Awesome Photobombs app for Google+, which lets you insert David Hasselhoff into any photo.
April Fools 2014 Google
• Airbnb
Now you can rent out other people’s office desks.

• Publicis Seattle
The agency has created Brand Drops, the world’s first branded aromatic rain. They turn a rainy day into the ultimate out-of-home, multisensory brand experience.

• Saatchi & Saatchi Thailand
Ad agency creates an app to help clients fire their agency.
• Gmail
Google’s mail app has created “sharable selfie” themes for your Gmail inbox—or as they’re calling them, Shelfies. And … they’re claiming they invented the term “selfie.” Again, it’s not fully a joke, as you can now set your Gmail box to show other people’s Shelfies.
• House of Cards
The Netflix show gave everyone a sneak peak of season 3 with a script page on Facebook.
• Denny’s
In a surprising, press-getting twist, the restaurant opted out of April Fools’ Day altogether.

Courtesy: AdWeek

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