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Home Knowledge Articles Uber Officially Confirms its Plans to Launch in Pakistan

Uber Officially Confirms its Plans to Launch in Pakistan


Uber has officially set its eyes on its next market: Pakistan. The job listings page on the company’s website indicates that it is looking to fill some vacancies there, including positions for a General Manager, Marketing Manager, and Operations and Logistics Manager.


Uber has confirmed its plans to launch in Pakistan soon.

“We can confirm we are currently recruiting for a team in Lahore, and are very excited about launching in Pakistan as we see huge potential in the way we can help people move around their city safely and reliably,” said Shaden Abdellatif, communications manager for Uber’s Middle East and Africa operations.“We are also excited about the opportunity for economic empowerment we can bring to the drivers we partner with.”

Earlier, a new job listing on Uber’s Career Listings also suggested that the world’s most popular taxi app is now ripe to enter the Pakistani market.They are looking for a General, Marketing and Operations & Logistics Manager in the city of Lahore, Pakistan.

The American company has already taken the world by storm by introducing app-based taxi-hailing services, revolutionizing the taxi business in 63 countries around the globe as of yet. Now, the time seems right for Uber to enter the 200 Million people market of Pakistan.

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