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TV Advertising Analysis Monthly Report – April 2015


TV MONTHLY INDUSTRY REPORT gives the overall picture of advertising on TV during the month of April 2015. It covers top advertisers, categories and brands and their % share in total advertising in terms of minutes. The report also focuses on share of TV channels, share of each genre and ad-spend split over the time slots. The report also compares % advertising in minutes done by various advertisers on YOY basis.


1. In April, the total minutes of advertising dropped by 4 % compared to March, 2015. This could be owing to pre-ramazan period where most major brands halt their advertising in anticipation of augmenting them during Ramazan-eid season.

2. Interestingly, comparing to the last year trend of the same period, there has been a growth of 21% in the total minutes of advertising.

3. Beverages, cellular communications and detergents remain the top three categories enjoying the highest share of advertising minutes on TV.

4. Unilever tops the list of most advertised company on TV. Alone it enjoys a share of 17% which is a cumulative of the other three (Pepsico, P&G and Coca Cola).

5. The top three brands that advertised the most on TV remain Pepsi, Dew and Coke, owing to summer season.

6. News One tops the list of top TV channels getting the most advertising. This applies to prime time slot of 7pm to 11pm.

7. News and entertainment remain the most preferred segments for advertising with religious, sports and health programmes attracting the least advertising.

8. The top three time slots for advertising include 7pm to 11pm and 12 noon to 5pm followed by morning slot of 6am to noon.


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