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Training Workshops

PAS training workshops are part of its Professional Advancement Program. The main objective behind these training workshops is to:

  • Create knowledge centre and foster a refined and superior class of advertising professionals that will raise and represent Pakistan’s advertising industry at a global level.
  • Share experiences and benchmarking performances, vis-à-vis their peers in their industry, their agencies and their counterparts across numerous markets.

What PAS Training Programs can do for you – And Your Business

  • Strengthen your advertising and marketing communications skills
  • Bring you up-to-date with latest tools and trends
  • Improve your ability to work more effectively in team situations with your agency
  • Get you and your team/agency going in the same direction
  • Provide peer-to-peer learning
  • Provide real-life solutions to today’s business and problems
  • Improve your effectiveness as a professional
  • Contribute to your career development
  • Help build relationships with peers in your industry
  • Strengthen communication financial management skills
  • Offer you current industry certification in key areas

Professionals who can benefit from PAS Training Programs:

All marketing and media management professionals can benefit from PAS Advertising Training Programs. These interactive sessions can help individuals at all levels including junior marketers, middle managers and senior executives.

  • Brand/product managers
  • Marketing/advertising/communications managers
  • Senior professionals wishing to expand areas of expertise or refresh skills
  • Advertising/public relations account executives
  • Promotion managers
  • Procurement executives involved in communication buying
  • Marketing services managers
  • Media managers/coordinators
  • Junior or entry level executives in brand management and marketing

You will receive

  • Valuable reference information material
  • Industry recognized certification
  • A directory of fellow marketing training program registrants, including names, titles companies, addresses and phone numbers


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