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The past, present and future of KAMN

Khalid Alvi Marketing Next a.k.a KAMN is an open marketing group with members exceeding 3000. Needing no accolades, it is quite popular among marketers. What prompted Khalid Alvi to initiate this group is the need to share ideas and gain insight through first-hand experiences.
As Khalid Alvi puts it: “KAMN was initiated to unite like minded people who wanted to give back to the society by collating and sharing this knowledge and most importantly create inferences that can be easily understood by the larger audience. The facebook page was just an avenue of creating a community for the same objective.
Majority of people on the group would agree with KA who opines that “Social media is becoming more and more important in connecting and having a dialogue with our consumers/customers. Social media has its own tone/language/content/messaging as any new or different media will have. Unfortunately I do not believe that marketers have mastered this media as they may have mastered media like TV, Press, Radio, Outdoor, in store etc….”
The KAMN principles are quite popular among the group including
1) Have a purpose
2) Stay consistent to the purpose
3) Be Honest
4) Emotionally and Realistically Connect with Target market
5) Invest for Continuous Improvement
KAMN has a long way to go as it is evolving each minute. The recent cohesion with AURORA is a testament to that. Top 10 comments/posts of the group will be featured in Aurora blog each week.

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