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THE CLIENT BRIEF – Perfecting the Art!

THE CLIENT BRIEF – Perfecting the Art! A one-day training workshop
Snapshot: Talking to Brand Managers, Marketing Directors and Account Directors about the importance of Briefing may sound like “teaching one’s grandmother how to suck eggs.” They all know far too well the significance of a good brief, and the nightmares which follow a bad brief.
However, they all have dozens of other priorities and pressures, and often assume that all parties involved in the process have thorough understanding of what needs to be done. This assumption and several other reasons lead to the fact that not sufficient time is spent on Briefings, leading to frustrations, waste of time and money.
“There is never enough time to do it right first time, but always enough time to do it all over again”.
It helps to re-visit important fundamentals, update our knowledge, and reiterate our commitment (to developing good briefs) from time to time. As Alexander the Great said, “A legend has to be renewed every now and then”.
Who is it for?
– Brand directors/managers who are responsible for brand strategy and brand communications, and are constantly looking for ways to improve quality, effectiveness and success of their communications/advertising.
– They are the front line players in working with their agencies and evaluating their output. They often face frustrating discussions with the agencies on: .
– Account directors/managers/planners.
Outline Program
– Introduction
– Importance and role of Briefs
– What do agencies/creatives expect from a Brief
– How to write a good brief and differentiate between a good and a bad brief
– Local case studies
– Team exercise/case: writing a Brief and using a Brief to develop concepts.
– Summary, evaluation
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