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Telenor Announces its Second Youth Summit


Telenor Group, in collaboration with the Nobel Peace Center, has announced Telenor Youth Summit 2014, to be held in December this year.

Telenor said that it invites youth to explore how mobile and digital communication can bring social change and create opportunities for all.

Telenor Group will host its Youth Summit from Dec. 9-11, 2014, in Oslo. The event coincides with the Nobel Peace Prize festivities taking place the same week in Norway.

The summit will bring together youth between the ages of 18 to 25 from across Telenor’s geographical footprint in Asia and Europe. It will challenge this generation of digital natives to demonstrate how digital communication can improve lives and empower societies, drive inclusive growth and promote cross-border dialogue.

“What happens when you bring 28 ambitious young people from across Asia and Europe together with a group of peers, global experts and industry executives at Telenor Group’s headquarters and the Nobel Peace Centre? You create a hot bed of ideas for how mobile and digital communications can fuel social and economic change, and empower individuals and communities,” says Telenor Group President and Chief Executive Officer Jon Fredrik Baksaas.

The summit is an opportunity for tomorrow’s social entrepreneurs to engage with experts, thought leaders and fellow youth. It’s a place to share ideas and discuss with peers how connectivity can improve lives, fuel growth and foster dialogue. The gathering aims to be an energetic arena where all participants can voice their ideas, be heard and be inspired.

“We place confidence in today’s digital frontrunners and tomorrows’ leaders to bring new ideas and ways of using digital and mobile communications for societal change at the Telenor Youth Summit 2014,” says Baksaas.

Telenor Group has launched the summit’s website  and an open Facebook group. These two digital platforms provide potential applicants and other interested parties with information about the upcoming event and last year’s summit and candidates.

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