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What Makes an Ad Successful? Advertising Gurus Explain

Reference: BrandSynario This article is based on the valuable inputs from the panelists of PAS Awards 2015 on the queries on the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of effective advertising, building charismatic brands, India’s ‘brainware’ and its edge in the region …. “Advertising was invented in United States and as far as we are concerned we […]


It was yesterday when Pakistan won the final match against India in ICC Champions trophy. Emotions were on the high and happiness was all around as Pakistan earned a historical victory against arch-rivals India in the final. Keeping the importance of this victory in mind and social media trends, brands had to respond in order […]

The Dumb Question

I’ve previously written about how important it is to adapt and evolve. To be honest, I thought most advertisers had adapted to the new and improved (not-as-dumb-as-I-may-look) consumer. I believed the era of “my brand’s consumer won’t be able to understand this” was over. Back in the day when someone said that you would even […]

Marketing in Tough Economic Times

There are two kinds of marketing people in Pakistan. The fake marketers who will blame the outside world; political and economic environment for the brand and business slowdown; and the real marketers who love any brand and business challenge and will create marketing plans and ideas to make their brand swim past any storm. Marketing […]

What Happens When Trust Decreases over Digital Media?

Every relationship is built on trust. You won’t listen to somebody if you don’t think they’re credible, you won’t buy a product if you don’t believe in it and you will never read from a source you firmly think is fake. In the evolving digital landscape, content is strewn all over the internet. This makes […]

Cannes Lions 2019 : Ugly is Trending

Believe it or not, it took me a while to make the cover photo of this article look like my own version of ugly. We almost never really think: ‘how do I make this look uglier?’ Its a strange thought but its gripping the world of advertising especially with Gen Z trends and platforms like […]

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