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Sony Posts Record Q1 Profits

Sony has announced its highest ever first-quarter profit of $1.43 billion (¥157.61 billion) exceeding the analysts’ estimate of ¥133.3 billion by a fair margin.
The tech-giant was in hot water five years ago, when it reported a huge loss of $2.9 billion. However since then Sony renewed its focus on the image sensor market in addition to dominating mobile and game industry.
With record first-quarterly profits, Sony seems to be on track. Sony’s sales have increased by 15% to $16.86 billion (¥1.86 trillion).
With an aim to dominate photographic image sensors market, Sony invested a mammoth $4 billion and turned the division into a separate company named Sony Semiconductor Solutions.
Dual-camera sensors are a major growth area for Sony, particularly in the Chinese market. However, Sony is circumspect because it believes that the manufacturers are shifting towards cheaper sensors, therefore estimating its sensor sales to be lower by 2.9%.

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