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Return of NOKIA 3310

The original Nokia 3310 was perhaps one of the most iconic phone of all time – and rightfully so.
It was sturdy, long-lasting and an overall perfect phones for the masses. Its ruggedness was very well known. It was so popular that more than 126 million models were churned out.
Today, Nokia has re-imagined the 3310 for 2017 and have launched it at the Mobile World Congress, with some great updates for the modern age.
Nokia 3310
Nokia finally took the covers off of the 3310 today in Barcelona Spain. The re-imagined 3310 comes in new bright colors.

Compared with its 2000 model, the upgraded version of the 3310 is also smaller, thinner and lighter too. As mentioned before, the colors available are very lively too such as red, bright yellow, dark blue etc. However, due to its shape and form factor, you’ll be instantly able to recognize it as a Nokia phone. It’s also pretty light weight, coming in at just 79.6g.
The new 3310 will also be coming with a updated version of the iconic game, Snake. The game can also be accessed on Facebook Messenger under the games tab.
Priced at 49 euros, the rebooted Nokia 3310 comes in around 5,500 PKR

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