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Radio Advertising Industry Snapshot – July 2014

A snapshot of the Radio Industry – July, 2014. Find out who’s leading the industry with radio campaigns? Who’s getting the best return from radio?

Radio monthly report

RADIO INDUSTRY REPORT gives the overall picture of advertising on RADIO during the month of July, 2014. It covers top advertisers, categories, brands and FM Channels and their % share in total advertising in terms of minutes. The report also focuses on share of FM channels, share of each genre and ad-spend split over the time slots.

Analysis: Media Miles – Radio Tracking
Note: Ad volume is based on minutes and ad occurrences. The figures should be taken only as indicative not as absolute figures.

Half Yearly Analysis:

1. For the last 4 months, Telecom has been the top advertising category on Radio and Unilever is consistently the top advertiser with heavy spending on Radio advertising. 

2. The trend of advertising since January 2014 indicates highest spending in the month of May followed by June.

3. Comparing May and June, the Radio ads spend and share in millions dropped by 12% in June.

4. The top 3 stations of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad enjoy a combined share of 80 to 83% of advertising on Radio throughout the six months. 

5. The most popular time slots for advertising on Radio remained Drive Time Evening, Late Evening and Morning Time throughout Pakistan for the last six months.



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